15 December 2003

  I write a new emulator, AMEBA. It has the same core that Bacteria but emulating 128K model in less than 3K (2.97K).


15 August 2003

  I have compiled the english bacteria version of the emulador. Also the web has traslated to this language.


14 August 2003

  I have compiled a special version of bacteria were compresion is disabled. Then, when you press F5 or F6, the compiled file will be generated quickly, but also without compresion. This can be usable for the people that generates a huge quantity of recorded games and doesn't like to wait the compression stage. Other utility of this, is the fact of the generated file is uncompressed, you can use a custom executable compressor, optimizing several bytes for the final file. Finally I put my own compressor if you have not any near.


13 August 2003

  I added the quickly playback option, that emulates with the highest speed the game. When the play back stops in natural way, or you force it, the speed come back to normal mode. The key for enable this is F5 while you are in playback mode.

  This is an useful function for making compos, because the judge can verify a valid game in less time.

  Also I have opened an small compo in the download zone. It consist in collect the best record of each game. If you send me a compiled game that doesn't show in the list, I put it sure. In case that another person sends a game of the same game but improving it, the previous one will be deleted, allocating only the best record. There are no material prices, the only price is the honor of seeing your name in the list.

  The compo duration is indefined, it's a continuos competiotion. Only will be acepted played games for version 1.91 and above. You can send me a SB version, a speaker version, or a no compressed version, you are free. Please, use if you can .TAP files for generate the game. Making this the loader screen of the game can be showed. If you send me a .SNA game, you must start in the first level of the game.

  Multiple games compilation don't be allowed, but you can redefined the keyboard or put your initials in the best scores. If you have a bad game, only pressing F4 you will start from the begin of the game, without exiting of the emulator.  For participate in this compo, send me the compiled game to the next email adress: espineter yahoo com. Put the apropiate character on the spaces.


9 August 2003

After a year without updates it appears version 1,9 of the bacteria, with the following new features:

- the problem of the version 1,8 that could not be sailed already by tapes has been fixed. As in version 1,7 to move by the blocks of the tape the keys F7 and F8 are used, F7 to back down a block and F8 to advance a block.

- Aside I have put pauses in the tape automatic loading, now the block is seen by which it is loading, and separate the pauses allow you to see what load and the display screens. In everything
case when a game starting off of a file is compiled tap, in the beginning takes place a pause in the emulator that allows you to visualize the display screen per moments.

- Fixed the subject of recording of games, already games in SNAs as in TAPs can be recorded as much. In order to record it is not necessary to make nothing, is to say the emulator by defect records all the movements that beams. It is at the time of compiling when your elijes. If you press F5
you will to begin with obtain a autoexecutable of the game from SNA, of the end of the load of TAP (with display screen), or of the last time that pressed F3 (in case you want to see the end of
game). On the other hand if you press F6, besides to compile the game it is compiled next to the recorded game, and as soon as you execute you can see it it.

This is the most important newness of all. Also I have put two I sweep blue that they indicate to you when a game is being repruduciendo, and if you want to interrupt the reproduction for ponerte to play you obtain it pressing F6.

The game takes a little in compiling, and rare points are seen. This is not no problem is an indicator of the progress of the compression, begins from down upwards because the compressor uses flexible parsing. The black zones are zeros, and with them you can be made the idea of the empty space of snapshot. It seems contradictory but one takes more in compressing this data type, since the algorithm must make more searches. This would be solved applying Run Lenght
Encoding in the beginning. But as I did not have left space I had to use a truquito that worked bién enough: I happened of 4 minutes to 20 seconds in compiling a file with many hollows.

Good I do not coil more with the technical slang but this of the compression has been enough duro, is so that you become an idea. I use an own format, devised by me basing to me on which uses
apack but with different codes and greater compression. The decompression routine also has been made in exclusive right for this emulator, and necessarily it has had to be the same one that stops
to compress the feasible one of the bacterium; of this single form I must stick the result of the compression to the decompression valve that when it starts locates in another zone of memory. That is which the only thing that loads in size the emulator is the compressor, although enough. I have had
to trim part of the final message in version A (sound to blaster), and also I annulled the emulation of joystick; although version B (to speaker) me has exceeded space (5 bytes) and finally I have been able to simetrizar the two versions. By the way if you press F6 while you press another one
key the reproduction will have errors, as well as if you press the keyboard while it is compressing.

- Another important newness is that by fín I have fixed the aid screen, you only must press F1 within the emulator to throw a look to him; he is not nothing of the other world but to occupy 1Kb he is not bad.

- Finally to request pardon by the disappearance of the official Web in emumanía, the Link let work suddenly, and although I tried to ponder itself in contact with webmaster of emumanía, I did not dedicate the sufficient time to it to fix it. Luckily thanks to Santiago Romero have provided with accomodations me free in and I hope that although it does not update the page at least that this one exists. The Web that you are seeing she is almost the same that the one of before, but with slight aesthetic modifications, like for example the fact of not using frames.

Without nothing else that to say, I hope that you like the new version, and also hope to have list soon the translation to English of the page and the emulator.

Enjoy it!