10 January 2017
Launched 2.0 version. I have converted to NASM all the source code and removed the instructions after 286. Now in theory it can run on an 80186. I have also put a new decompressor into the executable, the dZX7B of Einar Saukas.

06 November 2012
I have updated the html code of the web. The old web is here.

15 December 2003
I write a new emulator, AMEBA. It has the same core that Bacteria but emulating 128K model in less than 3K (2.97K).

15 August 2003
I have compiled the english bacteria version of the emulador. Also the web has traslated to this language.

14 August 2003
I have compiled a special version of bacteria were compresion is disabled. Then, when you press F5 or F6, the compiled file will be generated quickly, but also without compresion. This can be usable for the people that generates a huge quantity of recorded games and doesn't like to wait the compression stage. Other utility of this, is the fact of the generated file is uncompressed, you can use a custom executable compressor, optimizing several bytes for the final file. Finally I put my own compressor if you have not any near.

13 August 2003
I added the quickly playback option, that emulates with the highest speed the game. When the play back stops in natural way, or you force it, the speed come back to normal mode. The key for enable this is F5 while you are in playback mode.

This is an useful function for making compos, because the judge can verify a valid game in less time.

Also I have opened an small compo in the download zone. It consist in collect the best record of each game. If you send me a compiled game that doesn't show in the list, I put it sure. In case that another person sends a game of the same game but improving it, the previous one will be deleted, allocating only the best record. There are no material prices, the only price is the honor of seeing your name in the list.

The compo duration is indefined, it's a continuos competiotion. Only will be acepted played games for version 1.91 and above. You can send me a SB version, a speaker version, or a no compressed version, you are free. Please, use if you can .TAP files for generate the game. Making this the loader screen of the game can be showed. If you send me a .SNA game, you must start in the first level of the game.

Multiple games compilation don't be allowed, but you can redefined the keyboard or put your initials in the best scores. If you have a bad game, only pressing F4 you will start from the begin of the game, without exiting of the emulator. For participate in this compo, send me the compiled game to the next email adress: espineter yahoo com. Put the apropiate character on the spaces.

9 August 2003
After a year without updates it appears version 1,9 of the bacteria, with the following new features: Without nothing else that to say, I hope that you like the new version, and also hope to have list soon the translation to English of the page and the emulator.

Enjoy it!