This is the official page of Bacteria, a speccy emulator whose basic characteristics is so large reduced his, about 4Kb. The project I began two years back, and although I left enough time it forgotten, I have returned to retake it with more desire than ever.

It's something genuine and new in the world of the emulation, and really contributes new ideas that the rest of the emulators does not offer. The main objective that looks for is to occupy the minimum space of hard disk possible and to the same time to offer a totally trustworthy emulation in speed, graphs and sound.

As counterpart has the fact of not being able to offer a menu with options or a presentation when you take the emulator. Although this on the other hand can suppose an advantage, mainly for the users with little experience with emulators that what they look for are programs simple to handle.

Although many you will think that it does not have sense to make a program that occupies four kilobytes when in a hard disk usually they exceed 4 gigas. Then in certain that yes felt way; like which it is tried to emulate is a machine with very few resources, I put instead of the spectrum programmers ten or fifteen years atras.

Nowadays the only programs that are optimized conscientiously to occupy very little space unfortunately are the virus. Until the operating systems as Windows takes control of high-level languages. Let us say that Bacteria is a hybrid, combines the little size and the optimization that have the virus, with the utility that offers them application program. In fact the name I put it by its similarity with the virus.

In order to finish with this brief introduction I show a pair to you of images extracted of the emulator.